5 Things You Can Sell Right Now For Cash

Sometimes you simply need to access cash as quickly as possible. Unexpected medical bills, emergency car repairs, and other situations have a way of popping up when you don't have any cash to spare. Before you resort to a payday loan or try to borrow money from someone, take a good look around your house. Chances are that you own several things you don't really need or use very often that can be quickly sold for cash. Here are five ideas to get you started:

Gold Jewelry

Those hoop earrings your ex bought you that you never wear, or that gold watch that's been sitting unworn in its original box for the past five years, might be worth a decent amount of cash. Gather up any unwanted gold jewelry you have laying around and bring it to your local gold selling and buying experts. While the price of gold does fluctuate, it is always valuable. Even tiny amounts of gold have cash value, since they can be melted down into gold bullion. Visit sites like http://www.rmcoin.com for more information on how to get started with selling your gold.

Name Brand Clothes

Gently worn, clean, name brand clothes can fetch a decent amount of cash. The quickest way to make cash from your old clothes is to look for upscale consignment shops in your town and call to schedule an appointment. The shop will take a percentage but you may still make a great rate on your unwanted old clothes.

Selling your clothes online is another great option, especially if you are a decent photographer and can take photos that show the clothing off to its best advantage. Be sure to include pertinent info such as the size, how worn the clothes are (for example, "like new" or "lightly used") and the name brand in your online ad.

Books, DVDs and CDs

The nice thing about selling your media items is that these days you can always get an electronic copy of that book or movie you sold if you find that you miss it. If you have stacks of books, DVDs and CDs laying around, you may be surprised by how easy they are to sell. Expect to only make a few bucks per item, but this can quickly accumulate.

If you need cash immediately, place a local ad on Craigslist or have a spontaneous, media-heavy yard sale. If you can afford to wait a few days for the cash, you will probably make more by selling these items online. This step-by-step guide to selling books, DVDs and CDs is a great place to start.

Old Furniture

If you have old, unwanted furniture collecting dust in your garage or spare room, now is the time to sell it. People are often willing to spend a good amount of money on like-new condition furniture, but even furniture in less than ideal condition may bring in a decent profit. If you're handy at all, consider making small repairs, replacing missing door pulls on dressers, and even painting old wooden furniture. A few quick, cheap updates can make your furniture seem more upscale and bring in more cash.

Old Computers

If you upgraded computers but held onto the old one, consider selling it. A computer that's still in decent shape can bring in a few hundred dollars or even more, depending on the model. Even non-working, older computers can bring in cash, since computer buyers are often interested in specific computer parts. Simply do a quick internet search for people buying old computers in your area, or list your computer online for local purchase and pick-up.

By selling these items, you can de-clutter your house while coming up with some much needed cash at the same time.