Caught Running Races And Worried About Jail? Bail Bonds Can Help

While it might not seem like a big deal to run a few races on the highway, it is a dangerous situation that can threaten many peoples' lives. If you have been caught racing and are worried you might end up in jail, it is important to take the time to understand the nature of bails bonds and how they can help you stay out of jail to create a defense.

A Lack Of Criminal History Is Considered When Bail Is Set

In most cases of dangerous racing, a bail is going to be set to keep a person in jail. That's because the activity is dangerous and judges may be worried about the person hurting others when out of jail. However, there is also a chance that this may be the first crime you have committed. In that case, you may be lucky because bail is often influenced by criminal history.

As a result, a judge may look kindly upon your past behaviors and set a bail that is easier to meet. There is even a chance that you and your family may be able to pay a bail without having to turn to a bonding company. Unfortunately, there is also a chance a higher bond may be set than you are able to pay.

Some Districts Set Minimum Bail Amounts For Crimes

The severe nature of dangerous racing may cause a judge to overlook a person's past history and set a higher bail than they expected. There is also the chance that the district has set a minimum bail for this crime. For example, some have set a minimum of $10,000 bail for those "Engaging in Speed Contests." This bail may be too high for most people to pay. As a result, you are going to have to turn to bail bonds. This fact is particularly true if you are trying to build up a defense for your actions or attempting to prove yourself innocent of this crime.

How Bail Bonds Help

Bail bond companies are set up to help people pay their bail and get out of jail before their trial. It lets you get back to your daily life, such as going to work or school or taking care of children. These companies give you the money for the bail on the understanding that they will be paid back once the person goes to trial for their crime.

Those who have been caught racing cars shouldn't have much trouble making it to court. This crime is only considered a misdemeanor and isn't likely to get a person sent to prison. However, a person who fails to show up for court after posting a bail bond may get a bounty hunter sent after them to bring them to court. Then, their failure to show up will be added to their charges. So take your charges seriously, build up a strong defense, and show up on time after paying a bail bond. 

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