A Closer Look At The Pros And Cons Of Bail Bonds

Bail bonds offer individuals the ability to secure the release of a family member or friend who has recently been arrested and is being held in a local jail. While many people will find that a bail bond is the better option when compared to the option of posting a cash bail at the jail, this option will not be right for everyone. Taking the time to take a closer look at the pros and cons of using bail bonds can help you to determine whether or not this is the best option for your needs.

The Pros Of Using Bail Bonds

  • Available 24/7 - One of the drawbacks to posting cash bail is that you will typically need to wait until the bail office at the jail is open for business. In some cases, this could mean leaving your loved one in jail overnight or even over the weekend. This is not a problem when choosing to use a bail bond since many bondsmen offer their services 24/7.
  • Requires Minimal Cash - The most notable benefit to choosing a bail bond over cash bail is that you will not need to pay the full amount of the bail upfront. While the exact amount you are required to pay will depend on the amount of the cash bail and the criminal history of the person you are bailing out, you can expect to pay just a small percentage of what you would be required to pay when posting cash bail. 

The Cons Of Using Bail Bonds

  • Associated Fees - If you post cash bail, you will get back the entire amount of your bail once the court case against your loved one has been resolved. When choosing to post a bond instead, the down payment that you made on your loved one's bail will be forfeited to the bondsman as payment for their services. Consequently, individuals who have the extra cash to spare may find that posting cash bail is the less expensive option in the long run. 
  • Personal Liability - If the person you are bailing out of jail does not show up for their court dates, you will be on the hook for the entire amount of their cash bail, as well as any fees associated with locating them. With such a high level of personal liability, it is very important that you only post bonds for individuals you really trust to follow through with their responsibilities. 

The Bottom Line

 If you are looking to bail someone out of jail but do not have the full amount of the bail, a bail bond can be the perfect solution to your problem. However, it is very important that you never obtain a bond for someone you are not sure will follow through with their court appearances since this could leave you on the hook for even more money in the long run.  

For more info about bail bonds, contact a local bondsman.